1. Anonymous asked: hello, im in love with this girl been in relationship for months. i want to have a three sum wit her and her friend. how do i convince so i can have it?

    You can bring up the idea of threesomes with her and see if she’s into it. If not then let it go for now. If it’s only been a few months, and you guys are young, I don’t think she’ll be into it. And don’t pressure her if she isn’t. But give it a shot.

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  2. Anonymous asked: I haven't had sex in a nearly a year since I broke up with my boy friend. Do you have any advise on how I can get some without completely slutting it up or giving it to a random?

    The only two other options would be getting a new boyfriend or having sex with one of your friends. I think a new relationship is a little less messy than friends with benefits, but then again if you don’t want a relationship right now then that’s not a great option.

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  4. Anonymous asked: How do I ride my boy friend like I know going up and down will feel good for him but what els should I do?

    The more you enjoy it the more hes going to enjoy it. Tease him a little. Rock back and forth thats gonna feel better for you. Touch his chest and neck. If you look like you’re enjoying yourself he will go nuts.

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  5. zachary-sid:

Model: River Woods (AKA Zachary sid)
http://www.modelmayhem.com/2564282Photographer: Zedneram  http://www.modelmayhem.com/23473www.zachary-sid.com


    Model: River Woods (AKA Zachary sid)


    Photographer: Zedneram  


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  9. Anonymous asked: Im a girl and I have/had a fwb. Idk what it is but whenever we have sex there's this bad odor. Doctors said it was nothing but it's really annoying n embarrassing. I'm almost always safe, been with other guys and never had this problem before. Help?

    If it’s just with this guy then it might be him. Guys can get a little stinky too if they don’t take care of their junk.

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  15. Anonymous asked: Hi, i dont like waxing or shaving my vagina i prefer to just trim the hairs cause i get ingrown hairs. Do guys mind if there is a little bit of hair down there ?

    Guys have their preferences just like girls do. They’re used to no hair because that’s how a lot of women in porn present themselves, but generally keeping it neat is plenty. They’re getting sex. Would you care if a guy is trimmed instead of shaved? Because I wouldn’t.

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